AYTTO New England Elementary School Table Tennis Team Challenge 2024

AYTTO New England Elementary School Table Tennis Team Challenge 2024
Bookmark this page for announcement of tournament date and location!!

Calling all New England Elementary school ping pong teams!!!

No longer do you need to wait 'til middle school (or high school) before getting a glance of team league battles in AYTTO scholastic table tennis!!! Bring your 2-students team (it's okay for the 2 students to come from different schools) to play at AYTTO New England Elementary School Table Tennis Challenge and experience a taste of what middle/high school students have been raving about!!

Tournament Date/Time: Late summer/fall 2024.
Location: TBD


Team registration is only $2!!!

The tournament is open to public, private and charter elementary schools located in New England (Massachusetts/Rhode Island/Maine/New Hampshire/Vermont/Connecticut) and offers team play for elementary school students grade 1st-5th.

Please download the student/athlete waiver form here (each student needs to turn this in at the tournament in order to participate):

Tournament Format
Each team will be placed in a round robin group and will play 2~4 matches. Top two teams from each group will advance to finals.
Each team shall consist of 2 players from the same school and each team match plays 1 double match and 2 individual matches.
All matches will be 2 out of 3 games and must be played in order. Once a team has reached 2 matches won, no further matches will be played (and matches in progress will be abandoned).
One team will be AB, and the other will be XY. A coin flip determines which team captains gets the first choice between AB and XY. The order of play will be as follows:
1. A/B vs X/Y
2. A vs Y
3. B vs X
All equipment must be ITTF or USATT approved. Table Tennis Racquets, specifically, table tennis racquet coverings be International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) or USA Table Tennis Approved. The league will modify these rules somewhat to allow flexibility, but it is recommended that all coaches inform their students to play with “approved” racquets. You may find the ITTF or USATT seal of approval on each rubber sheet, with either an ITTF stamp # with the ITTF logo or with a USATT approved logo
Tournament balls are white, so tee shirts need to be any color but white for competitive play. No sweatshirts or long sleeve shirts or jackets permitted. Student athletes must wear shorts or track pants and athletic shoes (gummed soles) at all competitions.

NOTE: Black sole shoes are strictly prohibited on tournament courts